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power cable if emerged with water, awesome


Water emerged to the power cable make cable accident happen, then how do you sove the problem?

It is troublesome to have water in the cable. So far, there is no particularly effective method to solve this problem. Either the intermediate connector or the whole cable should be replaced.

In view of the water in the cable, preventive choice is the wize one.

1 the harm with water in cable

Generally speaking, the phenomenon of "water tree aging" will occur under the action of electromagnetic field after the cable is flooded, and the cable damage is only a matter of time, which will eventually lead to the cable breakdown.

2 why water emerged in cable

A.When the cable is laid and stored, the cable ends at both ends are not sealed or the sealing is not good, and water vapor penetrates into the cable;

B.In the process of cable laying, the cable head is not sealed well and soaked in water, or when laying through the pipe, the outer insulation skin of the cable is broken and water penetrates into the cable.

C.After cable laying, the cable ends at both ends are not made in time and are exposed to air or moisture for a long time.

D.Partial cable breakdown and water infiltration occurred in the process of cable power supply operation.

3. Solutions with water in cable

first.After laying the cable, make the cable head in time and complete the wiring to eliminate the hidden trouble in the bud.

second:If only two ends of the cable are flooded, only two ends need to be cut off and the cable head wiring can be done again.

third:If the cable has obvious water inlet point, it is necessary to cut the cable near the water inlet point and make the intermediate joint

fourth:Water accumulation is inevitable in outdoor cable shaft or cable passage. Try to fix the cable with bracket

fifth:Conduct regular pressure leakage test on cables to ensure timely understanding of the running status of cables.

no matter what method take, once water in cable, the cable will become scrap, may be soon, maybe later, but to make power transmission in safety, new cable should be installed instead of the old one.

for safety is first in life, goods have its price but life not.

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