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March 11, activity held to our staff on products-conductor


with temperature warmer and warmer, many more industrial meet their busy production season, and today our staff come together for study our products and production performance rule.

the bare conductor line

  1. aluminum rod for electric purpose
  2. AAC-all aluminum conductor
  3. ACSR-aluminum conductor steel reinforced
  4. ACSS-aluminum conductor steel supported   the difference of ACSR & ACSS, Both of the conductor is used for overhead distribution and transmission lines. ACSS conductor is designed to operate continuously at elevated temperatures up to 250°C without loss of strength; it sags less than a comparable ACSR conductor under electrical loadings; it is self-damping if prestretching stress during installation; and its final sags are not affected by long term creep of aluminum.
  5. AACSR-aluminum alloy conductor steel reinforced
  6. ACAR-aluminum conductor aluminum alloy reinforced
  7. ACSR/AW-aluminum conductor aluminum clad steel reinfored
  8. ACSS/AW-aluminum conductor aluminum clad steel supported
  9. aluminum clad steel wire
  10. copper rod, copper wire, copper bus, copper bar
  11. aluminum rod, aluminum bus, aluminum bar


with good study on products, it can make good sense to workers and sales for the whole bare production line.

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