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why fire accidents happened on power cable and wire sometimes


the problem of fire accidents happened on power cable is mainly due to overload, short cut, larger data on resistance and insulation out of function,to make the power cable work very well, the following would be helpful for us:

1, Firstly, we must raise our awareness and pay high attention, strictly regulate design, purchase, installation, maintenance, repairs and carry out the whole process of supervision to improve the cable safety and reliability.

2, Regularly cleaning up the dust over the power cable or cable bracket and keeping it clean.

3, To strengthen the inspection and maintenance for the operation of the power cable; The cable is prohibited to operate with overload and high temperature for a long period, laying out the cable according to the standard requirement.

4, Laying out the oil impregnated cable requires as much as possible to be horizontal to narrow down the gap between the high and low level.

5, The production of the cable has to meet the standard requirement and avoid the generating heat during the operation caused by bad contact. Do not make cable joints as much as possible in the concentrated cable tunnel. If it is necessary, it should take encapsulation measures around the joint pipe, and the both sides of which and its adjacent regions should be brushed with fire-retardant coatings or increased the fireproof bag flame retardant. The area between cable heads is supposed to be added clapboards or filled with flame retardant materials in a setting with a number of cable heads gathered side by side, in order to avoid one cable head’s fault affecting the safety operation of other normal cable heads.

6, The power cable tunnel should be kept dry and ventilated to prevent water from soaking into cables leading to corrosion, since the collecting well should be set at the vent with seeper discharged to the ground.

7, In order to minimize the loss of the cable fire accident, in addition to carrying out fire-prevention and flameproof measures for the cable, it has to be set the automatic alarm device and equipped with the essential fire fighting equipment.

8. one cost, one quality, the purchaser should consider much on quality than price, for life is first.

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