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Xinchang cable team are on working with customer bidding documents


Brazil's electricity regulator, Aneel, recently said 13.2 billion reais ($3.43 billion / 2.99 billion euros) had been won in the country's latest electricity transmission project auction.

Neoenergia SA, a subsidiary of Spain's Iberdrola SA (BME: IBE), was the biggest winner of the auction, the regulator said.

At present, all 16 target power transmission projects have completed bidding, totaling 7,152 km of power transmission projects and substation construction, with a total capacity of 14,819 MVA.

Under the plan, the transmission projects will be distributed in 13 Brazilian states with a 30-year concession period of 48 to 60 months.

The auction includes transmission projects previously held by Eletrosul, a regional energy company.

Hope to have close cooperation with customer on overhead conductor, overhead cable, underground cable.



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