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electrical wire in difference


nowadays, conductor of electrical wire usually is copper wire and aluminum wire. and electric wire is used

for the electricity to pass through and power up your home and office equipment.

Electrical wires are comprised of conductive materials such as copper and aluminum.

what's the two difference on copper and aluminum conductor?

Copper conductors are most commonly used in electrical devices because they are very practical to use. They have high conductivity, tensile strength, ductile, high thermal conductivity, high creep resistance, electrical overload resistance and corrosion resistance. On the other hand, aluminum conductors have more resistance and weighs lesser than copper conductors. Aluminum conductors are most often used for bulk distribution of power and large feed circuits. Thermoplastic insulation is used to cover these conductors for protection from corrosion, water and other chemicals that may cause exposure or electrical shorts.

with the conductor resistance is good, its insulation and sheath is also required to be qualified, for 20% part of cable is consisted by them, and they play great role in cable service life.

The thickness and size of an electrical wire varies depending on the amount of electricity that flows through it. The sizes of wires are measured using inches or diameters. Specific amount of circuitry, resistance and conductivity is required for an electrical wire to work. The amount of current that travels through the wire is decreased by the amount of resistance encountered by the electricity. Thicker wires hold more current since the electricity flowing through it encounters less resistance.

our factory produce cable from melting, and the copper rod material is oxygen free, which is different with rod refined from scrap copper.

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