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How to avoid conductor scratches in the production of ACSR


Continued scratching of the wire is the most common cause of corona generation, and corona is one of the most important electrical energy losses in power systems. In order to avoid the occurrence of wire scratches, the production should be controlled from the following aspects:

1 Consider the conductor itself:

First ensure that the aluminum rod is not damp, aluminum rod damp caused by drawing die hole work area aluminum debris retention, oil can not all enter the work area, resulting in pull out of the aluminum wire is not round, not smooth.

The second should ensure that drawing oil clean, moisture-free. As in the drawing process, the drawing oil from the lubrication zone into the work area at a high temperature, if it contains a certain amount of water, resulting in dilution of oil, lubricating effect greatly reduced, resulting in lead scratches and broken aluminum wire.

2  From the production side, should pay attention to the following questions:

Drawing process:

(1) Check the drawing machine mold is placed accurately.

(2) check whether the brushed drum grooves from the friction, as well as whether the pressure line phenomenon;

(3) Check the drawing mold lubrication area surface finish meets the requirements, as well as whether the aluminum scrap clogging phenomenon.

Stranded process:

(1) check the top wire reel rotation sensitive;

(2) Check the reel tension is uniform;

(3) Check the single line whether the slight pressure line or cable is not flat phenomenon;

(4) Check if the single wire is stranded in the stator when stranding

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